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Caroline Faye

Born and raised in Miami, Caroline Faye Radell’s bright and energetic palate takes cues from both the landscape and culture that have surrounded her upbringing. These cues are applied to an amalgamation of source materials from 1960s Italian sculpture, to sinuous excretions from a 3D pen. Radell brings her colorful chaos to any and all subjects. In her figurative work, subjects are merely outlined, such that a viewer can see their environment and their energy not only inside of them but as an inseparable part of their being. There are moments in which these figures and the spaces they exist in are indiscernible from one another. Layering and transparencies are used to mitigate, emphasize, and alter juxtaposed information to seek clarity in chaos, or vice versa. This method of transmogrification explores the ways the discordant can become harmonious, and the ways in which discrete elements of the world can be brought together through color and energy. Radell received her B.A. in Art, English Literature, and Art History from Washington University in St. Louis, and is now a full-time working artist.

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